Camouflaj has answered the following FAQs:

How will we receive the game for my iPhone/iPad/iPad Touch?Edit

While we can't get into details, Apple representatives were kind enough to sit down with Alexei and I and explained a few distribution options to us. Ultimately, the distribution method will be decided post-funding, but we can assure you that you will get the game for your iOS device at launch!

What are some of the new features for the PC & Mac version?Edit

We haven't locked down the feature list yet, but definitely check out this cool team discussion about the PC and Mac version:

Will there be an Android Version?Edit

The simple answer is that we are still a small company and we have to be extremely cost sensitive. We've decided to focus on iOS, PC and Mac for now.

How about Kick It Forward?Edit

We love the idea of giving back and, in fact, we're already doing that with over a dozen projects to date. We plan to continue that, as well as contributing a % of our money to local Seattle independent game projects. This is very important to us.

Will the PC version be DRM-free?Edit

Absolutely. And in the event that Republique makes its way to Steam, we'll work it out with each backer as to how they want the game on PC/Mac.

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