Frederick Cooper is a Prizrak member who aided in Hope's escape from Metamorphosis. He does not speak but instead uses a text-to-speech software to communicate with The Player as it is "too risky" to use his real voice. Cooper offered advice to The Player and sometimes provided opinions and backstory to the items The Player was inspecting.

Cooper owns a collection of video games stored on floppy disks which was stolen by his fellow guards. The Player may choose to purloin them back for him, which can be accomplished by having Hope pickpocket the various guards around Metamorphosis , where Cooper would give his thoughts on them upon reviewing the said floppy disks.



Cooper's personal records

Based on his personal records, Cooper stands at 188cm (6' 2") and weighs 101.3kg (223.3 lbs). He has light-brown skin, brown eyes and sports a full beard. He dons a typical Prizrak uniform, a pair of dark grey eyeglasses and a neckband collar device replete with glowing blue tiles.

Personality and BackgroundEdit

Cooper is an extremely quiet person, most likely influenced by his medical conditions, and is rarely seen talking even when spoken to. Despite his silent nature, whilst using text-to-speech, Cooper cracked jokes more often than not and also used emoticons when communicating, indicating a humorous side to him.

"Good luck. I'm sure you can hack it in this place./That was a joke by the way./Sometimes my humor gets lost in translation."


Medical HistoryEdit

According to his personal records, Cooper has a history of Selective Mutism and "Severe Social Anxiety".


Cooper had been charged with Dereliction of Duty, which is an offense pertaining to the negligence of one's duties.



Cooper is generally disliked by other Prizrak members. This can be construed from the other Prizrak guards stealing his video game collection and Cooper stating that they "enjoy tormenting [him]". Quinn Derringer, the head of the Prizrak, also shows an apparent dislike for Cooper, sarcastically mocking his taciturn nature in Episode 1. Derringer also kicked Cooper to the ground in Episode 3.

Mireille A. PrideauxEdit

Like the Prizrak, Prideaux seems to dislike Cooper as well, as she was seen shouting at him to go fetch water from "the Commissary" when he hestitated and also called him an "imbecile".


Cooper was a key person in orchestrating Hope's escape. Though it is unknown how much Cooper knows Hope on a personal level, he expresses a strong desire to help her escape.


  • His identification number is MS0098-6778.
  • He is an avid gamer.
  • His office is filled with posters of prominent Kickstarter games.
  • His "Dedicated Service Award" misspells his name.
  • His office is only accessible with a level 5 OMNI.
  • He is gay or bisexual; when you collect the game Nidhogg, he tells a story about a man he once dated.
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