Kickstarter rewards for République included downloads of the game itself, the digital soundtrack, documentary series, the pledge giver's name in the credit, a limited-run Republique poser, among others. Camouflaj also describes the following additional reward content:

Digital platforms like Steam and the App Store are great, but there's something lacking with digital products. I miss the physical connection (and smell!) of game boxes, strategy guides, and maps. This is why I’m excited to announce the RÉPUBLIQUE JOURNAL, the physical half to the game experience. This high-quality book is a “replica” of the one Hope finds in the game: a musty-worn book passed between secret revolutionaries that features hand-drawn maps, writings from undercover dissenters, newspaper clippings from “The Outside,” sketches of the Overseer’s inner circle, and even a translation guide to the graffiti found in the world that may lead to hidden supply caches and audio tapes.

Revolutionaries Journal

This pocket-sized book is the ultimate companion to the République experience. While it's not required to finish the game and understand the story, we know players are going to love it.

Collectors Edition

Just like the République Journal, the Collector's Edition is being designed as a believable artifact from the game world. More specifically, the Collector's Edition features a hollowed-out copy of the Overseer's Manifesto that Hope uses to hide contraband items. Everything from the journal to the CD and DVD are designed to look exactly like they do in the world of République.

And continuing our theme of products hidden from a watchful eye, here is the concept we'll be using as we create our special iPhone case. Since phones and communications with The Outside are not only prohibited in the world of République but can get you down right killed, some have chosen to take the risk and retrofitted the Overseer's Manifesto pocket edition into a case that snugly fits a contraband phone:

Iphone case2

The design fits in with the fiction but also needs to be functional. I think we struck the perfect balance.

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