Mattie Sade is the journalist in charge of Metamorphosis' newspaper “The Morning Bell“ which was previously known as “The Evening Standard” which were both used to spread propaganda for it’s dictatorial leader Kenichiro Treglazov. Treglazov first heard about her when he heard about a paper she wrote in the UK about a political opponent of his. He liked the wa she gracefully danced around the truth and sought her out and made an enticing offer for her to come work as a personal propagandis, an offer she couldn’t refuse. Little did she know that her new job would land her in Metamorphosis and how morally corrupting her occupation would be.

Episode 1: Exordium Edit

Not much is said about Maddie in episode 1. She however is heard narrating when the player selects newspapers that she wrote in the facility.

Trivia Edit

*If you scramble the letters in her name, you get “State Media” which is a nod to her job as a totalitartan propagandist.

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