Mireille Prideaux ("The Mentor") is an administrator at the Pre-Cals in the Kenichiro Academy in Metamorphosis. Among her duties are the recalibration of misbehaving Pre-Cals and the dissection of failed or contaminated Pre-Cals. Prideaux is supposedly from France and is one of the few characters without an American accent. Prideaux is voiced by Jennifer Hale.

It is later shown that in episode 3 ones and zeroes she is really from Blacksburg, Virginia, when she is on the phone with Mattie Sade and when Mattie threatens to tell the Headmaster she drops her fake French accent telling Mattie: One more word about this and I swear to God I'll end you!"

In episode 4 “ God's Acer" she is found by clone 390 watching Daniel Zager rising from the dead.

In episode 5, her real name is revealed to be Miranda Azalie Poe, and she is wanted for aggravated burglary in Fairfax County. She fell in love with Wallace Havak, the leader of the Blacksburg Antiwar Coalition. The coalition attacked a defense contractor called Haplo Industries, resulting in the death of a security guard. In the resulting stand-off, all coalition members except for Poe were killed. She herself fled to France and is stated to be fluent in English, French, and German. Mireille asks Hope to erase her criminal record and not mention it to Zager, although she leaves the decision up to Hope.

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