Quinn Derringer is the head of the Prizrak, the security force of Metamorphosis. He is voiced by Khary Payton.In episode 2: Metamorphosis he brutally murders Señor Luis Octavo(A.K.A. The Librarian.), after the headmaster found out he distributed Zager's altered manifestos. Upon learning this, the Headmaster ordered Derringer to kill him. Once Hope finds out she cries awhile and just then she realized the wickedness of the Headmaster. In episode 4 gods acre Quinn threatens clone 390 over a intercom after she shuts down Terminus' water supply , mistaking her for Abal Ammash and Noam Peretz. In episode 5: Terminus he brings the real hope to the headmaster. Right before she is to be executed by the headmaster, the revived Zager interrupts just in time. He heroically set off explosives making him and the headmaster run, leaving Hope alone to escape once again. When hope shuts down terminus's cooling system making it shut down, derringer is right behind her. He threatens to kill her slamming her to the floor and violently snatches her phone staring at the player saying:“ You don't wanna watch this....". Before he strikes the killing blow, Hope depending on who she chose will use the degausse gun to trigger his weak heart to fail. However if she chooses Zager she will shoot him . He will then mutter to himself:“Useless...Yooouu..shhould see .... Yourself. He then falls off the top of terminus and dies in the water below. The irony of this is that Derringer tried to kill Zager with two bullets When Zager fell into the water and nearly died. It was Merielle and Cooper who nursed Zager back to health.

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