The Player is the main protagonist of République, a hacker who is shown assisting Hope on her escape out of Metamorphosis.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

The Player's personality is that of the faceless silent protagonist, who's aiding Hope during her escape from Metamorphosis. It's clear the Player is supposed to be you, allowing you to project yourself in the game and immerse yourself fully in the world during the Episodic adventure that is République.


It's revealed Hope, while coming to receive her exam results, steals Mireille's phone out of curiosity. Once the game begins, she attempts to call Cooper in hopes to have him help with her escape plan, though ends up calling an unknown number instead; your number. She asks for your help, questioning if there's anything you can do to help her. Unfortunately, she gets taken away with one of the guards taking the phone you're connected through and hides it.

Moments later, the hidden phone gets delivered to Hope's cell, where Hope once again tries to call Cooper - but is stopped at the sight of the Player being still connected on the line. It is then the Player takes control by bouncing around the cameras in the room, surprising Hope. Despite her surprise, her impressed state fades as she doesn't believe the Player will be able to open the door anyway. The Player then unlocks the door for Hope, beginning her escape plan from Metamorphosis.

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