Wagtail Publishing is the publishing house that published The Manifesto of Kenichiro Treglazov. It is also assumed that Wagtail publishing also published Tregalzov 90s book entitled Defrag Your Mind.

In GameEdit

Whilst going through the Treglazov museum,  attempting to learn all you can about the headmaster/overseer to gain the pin code needed to access his office, you learn that Kenichiro Treglazov owned a publishing company during his time in Paris. It is claimed that Treglazov lived in an apartment above the publishing house in order to make sure that the copies of his manifesto were published.

In Zager's Den for Episode 2, you find cardboard stand in from the 90s advertising a work of Treglazov's from the era Defrag Your Mind.  It is presently assumed that Wagtail Publishing also published this book for Kenichiro Treglazov

In Real LifeEdit

Wagtail Publishing exists as a viral marketing site for République and Camouflaj.

At the very end of the site is a link to buy the "Republique Manifesto" either chapter 1, or the entire book, which it professes will come out in installments. The site promises buying the "book" will include a digital copy of the companion book "The Manifesto."

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