Zager Cassettes are audio cassettes with recordings by Daniel Zager. The tapes may be listened to on cassette players, such as the ones in Zager's Dens.


Episode 1Edit

  1. Locker outside the power station entrance.
  2. On the floor of the Girl's Dorm storage room.
  3. Zager's Den in the dormitories, between the bathrooms.
  4. Power Station, near the patrolling guard (also carries a book).

Episode 2Edit

1. First floor of the archives (small room beside the stairs with an OMNI 3 access door) in the locker

Episode 3Edit

  1. Lobby: Overlook 2
  2. Media: 6
  3. ATL: Back Confine_Outer
  4. PAC: Back Server
  5. Control: Lobby_6
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